To choose a diamond, you must determine the color of your diamond, the shape of the diamond and the budget.


The color of the diamond is an important element in choosing your diamond ring. There are so-called colorless white diamonds and colored diamonds.

White diamonds are the most famous and coveted due to their purity and brilliance. A classic and sublime white diamond that embodies pure femininity and chic. The white diamond ring is elegant and prestigious. A perfect engagement ring to say “I love you” in the most beautiful way.

Colored diamonds are renowned for their beauty and rarity. You can choose from: the green diamond, the orange diamond, the pink diamond, the blue diamond… The most popular is the yellow diamond. A diamond of sparkling luminosity that evokes sunlight.

Did you know there are black diamonds? An exceptional gem perfect for a chic and trendy look!

The color of the diamond is above all a matter of taste, there are no rules of art, choose your favorite first!


The choice of shape is very important and expresses the way the diamond will be shaped. The round diamond called “brilliant cut” diamond is the best known and most beautiful shape. The round diamond is of perfect brilliance. It is a form of excellence that optimally attracts light. The round diamond is also the most expensive diamond compared to other cuts. The round shape is undoubtedly the shape that magnifies the diamond.

The princess diamond is the favorite shape of future engaged couples! It is a square shape, very romantic and very feminine. Its price is lower than a round diamond.

The cushion diamond is elegant and the pear diamond ring is original.


To choose the perfect engagement ring, bet above all on the quality of the diamond and the responsibility of the diamond. A diamond must always be certified and meet the 4 Cs: carat, color, clarity and cut. A responsible diamond is a diamond outside of conflict zones.

Diamonds Factory guarantees you a know-how rooted in the jewelry tradition, superior quality diamonds and offers you diamond rings with ethical provenance.

As you will have understood, the diamond ring is ideal as an engagement ring. To choose your diamond engagement ring, determine: the choice of metal, the color of the diamond, the shape of the diamond, the quality of the diamond and the style of ring.

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