It’s been exactly 2 years since I started blogging. Happy birthday to Del’s cooking twist  ! What an incredible and extremely rich adventure I have lived since the beginning of the blog!

At the time, I remember that I had a simple idea in mind: to create a culinary blog to entertain and delight my friends, who strongly encouraged me to share my recipes on the web, in front of the enthusiasm and all the passion that I put to cook every time small dishes that I wanted exceptional. I have always loved cooking and spending time in the kitchen, never far away when it came to licking the chocolate cake preparation bowl (even still at my age!) or simply spending time at the table with friends!

Tips and tricks for a successful food blog

In two years I put all my energy and free time into this blog and had a lot of fun along the way. My style and my food photography have evolved a lot, while my social media presence has literally exploded with tens of thousands of Facebook fans and blog readers every month. I also had the opportunity to participate in various projects related directly or indirectly to the blog and all as exciting as each other, from the publication of my recipes in magazines in the US, UK and France to the production of culinary videos, through culinary demonstrations like the one at the culinary blog show or my selection and participation in season 5 of Masterchef France!

On the strength of this wonderful adventure, today I would like to share with you my experience as a food blogger and give you some keys and tips for a successful blog (PART I). In a second article that I will publish in a few days, I will explain to you how I converted my passion for blogging into a real professional project, 9 months ago already (PART II). I hope you will find in these two articles all the inspiration you are looking for, whether you are a beginner or an experienced blogger, or you are wondering whether or not you too should make your food blog your professional career and how .

This article is going to be a bit long, and I suggest you start it with a cup of coffee and a little chocolate to accompany it, as I am doing now. I’m ready now, let’s get started!


Start your blog – I started my blog on May 15, 2013 exactly, taking up the challenge of writing my recipes in both English and French. I had some basic knowledge as a webmaster, but the whole project around this blog would not have been possible without the help and unconditional support of my friend, David, whom I mention (too) rarely in my articles . Being a computer engineer, it was a pleasure for him (at least at the beginning!) to help me both with the construction and the realization of the design of this blog, which has evolved a lot during these two years, reflecting both the evolution of my tastes and my experience of the blogosphere. In return, I did my best to regale David with my little dishes and to take a closer look at it today,

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