Why is ethical clothing so expensive?

clothing so expensive?

Dressing eco-responsibly is not only tedious, but also often very expensive. When I flip some labels from organic clothing brands , I sometimes get heart palpitations.

It’s true, not everyone can afford ethical and ecological clothing at this price. Obviously, I asked myself this question: do responsible fashion brands make (organic) wheat on our backs?

In an article entitled “The price of things”, the blogger Coline detailed the distribution of the selling price of linen dress. Thus, on a sweatshirt sold for €65, the brand mentioned only earns around fifteen euros.

Seen like that, I don’t feel taken for a turkey. And that always puts me in a better position to buy, the feeling that people don’t take me for a turkey.

eco-friendly fashion

In short, if it seems obvious to me to make an effort on the price, the fact remains that I cannot / do not want to put 200 or even 150 euros in a dress or jeans. And I’m not even talking about the shapeless “basic” nicknames sold at that price, including on the side of supposedly quality organic brands.

Yes, let’s talk about the quality. Because alas, it is not because it is expensive that it will necessarily be better. I’ve had some very disappointing experiences with brands that are “made with love”: clothes that lose their shape or shrink in the first (cold) wash, shitty finishes, threads that hang, seams that creak… When I’ve just farted my piggy bank for a dress at 120 euros, it just makes me want to go set fire to the sign.

So, for myself and for this blog (therefore for you – heart with fingers -), I looked into the subject: what are the brands of eco-responsible and nevertheless affordable fashion ? Where to buy ethical and ecological clothing without leaving a minimum wage? (Yes, I’m very into rhyme at the moment.)

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