Dress with sneakers: what is THE golden rule for wearing them with style and elegance?

Dress with sneakers

Buying a pair of white sneakers 2022 will be one of the best fashion investments you will make this year. If you weren’t convinced 10 years ago because just imagining pairing formal wear with sneakers was a big no… Then you probably are now! By the way, you’ve seen the beautiful people with urban style parading in the streets like real models, right? Most of them, and we say this with confidence, wear sneakers with their formal attire. Blazers, jackets, dresses, suits and so on…the list is endless. The universality of the sneaker is immense and it makes the outfit look completely different. If you choose whites, they can be paired with anything. Blacks are a little restrictive, but still on trend. Other colors may require some color matching and great fashion sense to combine fabrics and tones together. Still not convinced? So, let’s see together how to pair a dress with sneakers the right way!Short dress sneakershow to wear a dress with sneakers View in gallery

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Our first look and, dare we say it, our favorite, is the dress-with-sneakers combination. It’s not formal at all, not only because of the choice of shoes, but also the length and style. For formal occasions, we wear maxis. Minis are for everyday, so this is the perfect everyday look. Pair white sneakers with a darker colored bodycon dress (the green and red exude the femme fatale allure ). Bonus points if it’s plush! This type of 90s style fits closely with the trope of the working girl. With her short skirt on the way to the office, she puts on her sneakers and runs quickly to work.what sneaker with a dressView in galleryThe best choice for a mini is undoubtedly a pair of Converse . However, Puma and Adidas are also very summery choices.What shoes with a long dress?what basketball with long dressView in gallery

What sneaker with a linen dress? The longer ones are harder to style! But that doesn’t mean it’s an impossible task! Normally, we advise you to combine mules or clogs with a long one. Nevertheless, sneakers do just as well. Are you planning to participate in a long event that will certainly make you want to go to bed after an hour spent on stilettos? Sneakers are the solution! Nevertheless, we recommend that you take either platform sneakers or Vans . Both should match your dress or at least your trendy handbag .how to wear a long dress when you’re petiteView in galleryDo you want to know a secret? If you feel comfortable enough in your clothes and shoes, you seem more confident.Spend the summer in style…Which sneaker goes with a dressView in gallery

Midis are the perfect outfit for a warm summer evening or for going out during the day. For this casual look, you can wear whatever you want. Choosing white sneakers, again, is the best choice, as they give the illusion of long legs.dress sneakers lookView in galleryIf not, find yourself a colorful pair that you like! There are no rules for dressing the way you want if you think about it. If you’re confident in your style and want to express yourself through it, go for it! To hell with those who think it’s “stupid”. Be yourself and wear what you want, as long as you feel good!

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